Enrichment Fees

Enrichment to Invest in our Youth

Cobb County funds only a small portion of the annual expense of running our wonderful orchestra program at Harrison. The general operating budget of the Harrison Orchestra Boosters supports the Harrison Orchestra program by providing enrichment above what is supplied from the county, such as: music, maintaining instruments, providing tools and equipment for the orchestra, paying for evaluation fees, providing regular professional clinicians, and providing orchestra camp. The enrichment fees associated with the Harrison Orchestra Boosters are assessed so that all of the orchestra students at Harrison can have a quality experience above what is provided from the county. To assist in meeting this budget, the Harrison Orchestra Boosters, Inc. coordinates several fundraisers.

In addition to the general operating budget, a student’s family should anticipate paying bi-annual orchestra Enrichment Fees. Trips necessitate additional costs. Through the fundraising programs, students not only assist the orchestra in reaching its general operation budget but can also earn credits which can be used to offset costs for any orchestra associated items such as: trips, spirit wear, and Enrichment Fees.

Information on paying Enrichment Fees can be paid online here: