What is CutTime?

CutTime is a management system that the orchestra is using to track instrument inventory, music library information, and enables the orchestra director to contact orchestra families if CTLS goes down for any reason. The other primary use for CutTime will be for the Harrison Orchestra Boosters (HOB) logistics/operations. Because Orchestra is a co-curricular class, it receives support/enrichment from the parent booster organization called the Harrison Orchestra Boosters (HOB). Some of the HOB board members will contact orchestra families throughout the year regarding HOB business. The HOB will not use CTLS to communicate because the HOB is a parent-run booster organization and does not have access to CTLS. CTLS is designated for class specific information and not available for the boosters to use as a communication tool.

Note: For those who have been in the Harrison Orchestra in the past, Charms was the management system we used for many years but is now being replaced by CutTime.

How do I register for CutTime?

The orchestra students have gone through the process of registering for CutTime in class and chances are good that your contact information is in the system. You can check your email for an invitation from ‘’, which has a link for you to create your parent login information.

Step 1
If you have not received an email from ‘’, please see the STEP 1 VIDEO below:


Step 2
Once you receive an invitation email from ‘’, the Step 2 video will walk you through finalizing your registration.


THANK YOU for helping the Harrison Orchestra by updating your information!