Welcome Back 2019-2020!

Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to start school this year in our renovated orchestra room and are thrilled for this upcoming school year as our brand new Performing Arts Center is now complete! We will have our annual All Parent Booster Meeting on August 13 @ 7:00pm in the Orchestra Room where we will go over the nuts and bolts of the Harrison Orchestra Boosters (HOB) as well as a glance of the upcoming events for the year. Topics include: purpose of the HOB, budget, calendar events, uniforms, and the new Harrison String Conservatory private lessons program.

First Day of School: Students do not need to bring their instrument on the first day as we will be going over the syllabus, expectations, and procedures for the first day. Students should bring their instrument on day 2 – Friday, as Mr. Mori will be doing an instrument check.

Schedule Issues: If you have an orchestra schedule issue/problem, please see Mr. Mori at some point on the first day to go over the issue. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Senior Showcase – May 1

Because of the HOYA Awards this year, the Senior Showcase has been moved to Wednesday May 1 at the Lost Mountain MS Theater. The senior orchestra students will be performing together as an ensemble along with select solos from our senior class. Some of our smaller chamber groups will also perform on this evening’s performance.

Orchestra Banquet – May 6

The Harrison Orchestra’s year-end banquet will take place at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church on May 6, 2019 @ 6:00pm. Tickets must be purchased by April 25.

All orchestra students and their families are invited to attend this special year-end celebration!

Tickets: Ticket sales are now all online through All Orchestra Students can receive one complimentary meal with the promotion code: HOYA

All tickets must be purchased in advanced by April 25.

Two ways to purchase tickets: 

1. Students who have sufficient funds in their orchestra account may use those funds to purchase tickets by emailing Jill Barrett at:jbarrett67@yahoo.com. Adults and non-orchestra students are $19.  Children 10 and under are $10.50.

2. Follow this link to purchase tickets online or over the phone at iTickets.  http://www.itickets.com/events/423488.html

Questions?  Email Jill Barrett at: jbarrett67@yahoo.com

LGPE – March 12 & 13

Volunteer Needs:

We are in need of parent volunteers for LGPE!
See what our current needs are here:

All Harrison Orchestra students will be traveling to McEachern High School for the annual Large Group Performance Evaluations. Parents are welcome to attend the performances which will take place in the Performing Arts Center of McEachern High School.

Performance Times:

March 12 at 5:00pm – Concert Orchestra LGPE
March 13 at 10:00am – Classic Orchestra LGPE
March 13 at 3:45pm – Chamber Orchestra LGPE

Permission Forms:

Each orchestra student will need to turn in a signed permission for LGPE. Download Permission Forms below:

Concert Orchestra Permission Form
Classic Orchestra Permission Form
Chamber Orchestra Permission Form

LGPE Schedule:

Concert Orchestra – Tuesday March 12

Classic & Chamber Orchestra – Wednesday March 13

Pre-LGPE Concert March 4 @ 7pm

The Pre-LGPE Concert will be on March 4, 2019 and will begin at 7:00pm. All orchestras will be performing their Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) program as we make preparations for the annual adjudicated Large Group Performance Evaluations.

5:30pm Concert Orchestra: Report to Main Sanctuary Stage

6:00pm Classic Orchestra: Report to Main Sanctuary Stage

6:15pm Chamber Orchestra: Report to Main Sanctuary Stage

Students: Please Read the Performance Guidelines PDF below for more details.

Pre-LGPE Performance Guidelines

Winter LGPE Prep Camp Feb. 2

We will have our Winter LGPE Prep Camp on Saturday February 2, 2019 from 8:30am-4:00pm. All students are expected to be at this camp as it is a critical time for the program as we dive in and refine our preparation for the Large Group Performance Evaluation.

The Harrison Orchestra Camp is an integral part of the Harrison Orchestra experience. Your son/daughter will receive approximately 6 hours of ensemble and sectional instruction with the HHSO Camp Staff. The Winter LGPE Prep Camp is essential to the progress of our orchestra program as we prepare to perform for the annual Large Group Performance Evaluations and to advance to a higher level of string performance and to develop skills as a member of an ensemble.

We are in need of snack donations and parent volunteers for Saturday. Please consider volunteering where you are able:

  1. Snack Donations  – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c084fa8aa22aaf58-spring
  2. Parent Volunteers  – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E084DACA929A57-harrison1

As we are able to bring in quality instructors for your children, orchestra camp does come at a cost not covered by the Cobb County School District. In order to provide the quality instruction for all of our students, orchestra camp is covered under the Enrichment Fees that were paid to the Harrison Orchestra Boosters. The Enrichment Fee and HOB donations enable us to invite some of the best instructors in the field so that the students are able to receive more individualized instruction, which yields a more productive and wonderful learning environment for the day. Should you have any conflicts or need assistance with the cost of camp, please email Mr. Mori (koji.mori@cobbk12.org) as all instruction is vital to the progress of our ensembles. Board members will be available on Saturday 2/2 to receive enrichment fees via debit or credit card.  We can also accept cash & checks via the black box.

Please note that student drivers are not to leave campus during the lunch break in order to ensure the safety of all of our students in the orchestra program. Lunch will be provided by the Harrison Orchestra Boosters. Parents can plan on picking up their student from Harrison at 4:00pm.

We are looking forward to a wonderful camp experience and tremendous growth for all of our orchestra students at Harrison!

Saturday February 2nd Camp Schedule PDF:

Winter Extravaganza


Winter Extravaganza Rehearsal – Monday December 10, 2018
Location: Band Room
3:40-4:30pm  Concert Orchestra Rehearsal with Band and Choir
4:20-5:15pm  Classic Orchestra Rehearsal with Band and Choir
5:05-6:00pm  Chamber Orchestra Rehearsal with Band and Choir


Winter Extravaganza Concert – Tuesday December 11, 2018
Location: Harrison Presidential Gym

Call Time:
3:40-4:30pm Chamber Orchestra: Sound Check in Gym (Get dinner afterwards on your own and return by 6:30pm dressed in orchestra room)
5:40pm Concert Orchestra: Sound Check in Gym dressed in uniform
6:10pm Classic Orchestra: Sound Check in band room dressed in uniform
6:30-7:00pm Art Gallery in the Gym Lobby
7:00pm Concert begins

The Winter Extravaganza Concert is a collaboration concert with the band, chorus, and orchestra programs. In addition, the Art Department will have an Art Display as you enter the concert venue in the lobby of the Presidential Gym. Performances will include a mix of well-known carols and holiday standards.

$5 pre-paid tickets for sale during lunches on the 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th
$10 tickets at the door
Proceeds from the ticket sales are a fundraiser and will go to benefit the Harrison band, choir, and orchestra programs. Tickets will be sold during all lunches on Dec. 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th.  Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended as this concert has a record of selling out.

Due to the lack of parking at Harrison, a Shuttle Bus will be available at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church from 6:00-7:00pm. The shuttle will run before and after the concert.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser UPDATE

UPDATE 12.10.18:

Orders are scheduled to arrive at Harrison by the end of the day on Monday.   Students should check their orders to make sure they are correct and give the items to their customers as soon as possible.

Regarding out of stock items:
If an item was not in stock when the order was filled, the customer will receive a voucher so that the customer can reorder from the website when it comes back in stock.  They can also order something different if they choose.  

  • If the item that is sold out is valued at $20.00 or less, the customer will receive a voucher valued at the original price plus $15. The voucher will additionally include the shipping and tax on the item.
  • If the item that is sold out is valued at $20.01 or more, the customer will receive a voucher valued at the original price plus $20.  The voucher will additionally include the tax and shipping of the item.
  • Redeem your gift code at http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/ or you can go to  http://www.mbdfactorystore.com and get tons more for your money! Remember, the shipping is free and taxes are included PLUS there is an extra “thank you” dollar amount added to let you know we appreciate your understanding and support. Most products will be back in stock online as soon as reorders arrive.

SUPPORT Harrison Orchestra! We’re selling eco-friendly tote bags, travel bags, kitchenware & more through a Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser! Harrison Orchestra students have sold these great products for the past eight years. 30% of each order goes to your student’s orchestra account. Be sure to enter their name at check out when you shop through the link below.

FUNDRAISER ID: 38343 http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/harrison-high-school-orchestra



  • Collect money with the catalog orders: Don’t Collect Tax
  • Turn in money with a copy of your order form to: The black box by Thursday, November 15
  • Make checks payable to: HOB – Write one check for all your orders.


    • Your friends and family can order online at
    • Orders ship directly to anyone in the USA
    • Register and track your online orders at

Don’t forget to promote your fundraiser on social media.

Sale Deadline: Thursday, November 15

QUESTIONS? Jill Barrett jbarrett67@yahoo.com 770-419-4905

Belk Charity Day Fundraiser

The Belk Charity Day event will take place on Saturday November 3, 2018 from 6am -10am. Students who wish to sell tickets for the fundraiser will have all raised funds go towards their student account. Any student may join from 10am-12pm on Saturday October 27, 2018 and sell $5 tickets to customers as they enter the store. Mrs. Pacitti will be there to supervise your student. All funds raised from the ticket sales will go to your student’s account.

We have been given an assigned time to pre-sell tickets to the general public this Saturday October 27, 2018 from 10 AM to 12pm (noon) at the Belk location in Marietta off of Dallas Hwy across from the Avenues. Students should wear their casual Orchestra Uniform (polo and khaki pants) if they have it or a Harrison T-shirt and jeans. Feel free to make a poster or bring supplies to make one. If you wish to bring your instrument to display, you may do so but please be mindful of the weather. No one will need to play on October 27. The instruments tend to draw the customer’s attention and help start conversations. If you bring an instrument, you will need a stand for it.

Saturday November 3, 2018 is the day of the Belk Sale and we have been invited to play holiday songs from 10-11am. Students will be able to sign up for times in the orchestra room. Groups must be approved to perform by Mr. Mori for the event. See Mr. Mori if you are interested in performing for the event. You can earn letter points and Tri-M points for this performance. Photos will be taken and sent to participants for use in your portfolio.

Tickets are also available for students to sell to friends and family on their own time. Tickets are $5 and individuals who purchase a ticket will receive “$5 Off” of their first purchase on the day of the November 3 sale in addition to the other discounts and special pricing from Belk. The most popular sale items are the 25%-50% off designer handbags. See the flyer (available in the orchestra room) for a complete list of sales. The first 100 customers in each Belk store on November 3 will receive a free gift card valued anywhere from $5-$1,500!

Mrs. Pacitti will be in class this week to hand out tickets to interested students to sell to family and friends. Parents should discuss with their students in advance how many tickets they wish to try and sell. Money from the sale of tickets should be placed in the black box Clearly Marked with the student’s name and “Belk Charity Fundraiser”. Unsold tickets should be returned in a clearly marked envelope to the black box as well.

We hope to see you on October 27 to sell tickets and on November 3 to join us for the sale and share Holiday Music with the community. We look forward to seeing you at Belk!

Thank you,

Elise Pacitti
Co-Vice President
Harrison Orchestra Boosters