Order Orchestra Uniform

Our Fall Concert is on October 15. The turn-around time for the uniform could take several weeks so it is recommended to order the uniform as soon as possible so that you will have time to make any alterations before the first concert on October 15.All students have a “Uniform Assignment” which will entail them wearing their full uniform with shoes and holding their instrument in their correct playing posture. Please help them take their photo (on their device will work fine) and they should bring it to class for their uniform assignment. Hair should be pulled away from the face.Returning orchestra students should check the status of their uniform to ensure that they have located all parts of their uniform and to ensure that their uniform still fits.Information on How to Order the uniform (and specific parts) can be found below. Once your uniform arrives, please have your student try it on and move in it as though they are playing their instrument. It may need to be adjusted/hemmed by a tailor.

Shoes/Undergarments: All students should wear appropriate black undergarments under their uniform. Black, closed toed dress shoes and socks are the standard uniform. Black, close toed flats are recommended for the ladies.


Orchestra Camp is August 18th!

Camp Schedule

8:30am Student Drop Off – place instruments and bagged lunch in the following rooms, then report to the Orchestra Room:
Concert – Freshman Cafe
Classic – Band Room
Chamber – Orchestra Room
8:40 Meeting in Orchestra Room

Each class will go through a rotation of locations and instructors.

Rotation Schedule:
9:00-10:45am Block 1
11:00-12:45 Block 2
12:45-1:20pm Lunch
1:30-1:50pm Guest Clinician Performance
2:00-3:45pm Block 3
3:45-4:00pm Reset Rooms
4:00pm Meeting
4:10-4:45pm Dinner in Cafeteria (Chick-fil-A Dinner provided)
4:45-4:55pm Clean-up/Pack-up
5:00pm Parent Pick-up at Harrison